Gold Coast Removal – Moving Check List

Below is a check list of simple and easy things that you can do to ensure you have a stress free and enjoyable removals Gold Coast Brisbane. Tick off the items that apply to you and always stay one step ahead.

Book, Book, Book!
Book your removal with the best removalists in Gold Coast so you don’t miss out on your preferred date
Order boxes for your Gold Coast Removal and get packing straight away as packing always takes longer than you think, and often you need more boxes than you first thought!
Book your storage facility (if required) so you don’t miss out on availability
Book a professional cleaner (if required) to make sure they are available for your move date
Book the lift for your Gold Coast Removal if you are moving to or from a high rise apartment
Book your babysitter/friend/family if you have young children as this will allow you to lend an extra hand on your removal day
Your Gold Coast Removal experience will be much less stressful by simply booking the services you will require ASAP
Arrange Notification
Schedule the redirection of your mail for the move date just in-case you forget to tell someone important you have moved
Arrange to have your telephone, internet, pay TV, gas and electricity disconnected & reconnected at your new home
Notify your insurance services (such as car, home and health) of your new address before you move as this may be a requirement of your insurance policy to remain valid
It’s common for your phone to be disconnected by accident earlier than you requested date. It is for this reason that you should be contactable by mobile phone
The Day Before Your Removal
Use everything in your fridge & freezer leading up to your move day or organise an esky and enough ice so your food lasts until your fridge is up and running
Everything in your fridge & freezer leading up to your move day or organise an esky and enough ice so your food lasts until your fridge is up and running
Prepare your survival kit: Passports, birth certificates, prescription medicine and other essential items should be packed into the one box so it can be accessed quickly and
Prepare your quick start box that has essentials to make you comfortable in your new home straight away. These items include a kettle, toaster, telephone, coffee, plates, cups and the TV remote control.
Have some large boxes already assembled so you can put your bed sheets in them when you wake up on the day of your move
Have a box of clean and ready to go bed sheets for your first night in your new home
Dismantle larger furniture if required. Put all bolts, bracket and screws in a labelled and sealed bag, then stick it firmly to the underside or in a drawer of the item they belong to
Dismantle outdoor furniture including trampoline, swing set and tables
The more that you do prior to the removal the faster and therefore the cheaper removal will be
Moving Day
Congratulations because you are organised there is not much for you to do! If you feel up to it, you can assist your removalist with lighter items that you know you can safely lift, making the removal take less
If possible, group all of your boxes and easy to carry items in one spot out of the way, but within easy access to your front door. This is particularly time saving if you have items upstairs or a long distance from the entrance of your house.
It is said that moving house is the third most stressful thing you can do. Tick everything that applies to you on this list- and you wont know what all the fuss is about!
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