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There is a clear appeal by many people for moving out of big cities in favour of smaller towns and suburban areas. A good example of this is moving from a major city like Gold Coast QLD, to a small town like Ballina in New South Wales. With better house prices and more options, leaving a major city does have its benefits. If you are thinking about making the big move and are looking for Gold Coast to Ballina Removalists, then you may be interested in discovering whether your reason to relocate is among the top factors why most people move.

 A Different Home

A common reason why clients hire Local Moves for Gold Coast to Ballina Removalists services is to get a different or better home than what they currently live in at the moment. Statistics show that more people move because of housing reasons, which include the following:

  • They are currently renting in the city and are now ready to purchase a home
  • They are looking for a bigger home
  • They are tired of always repairing their old home and are looking for a new home
  • They want to live in a quieter surrounding like Ballina, away from the hustle of the city

The Family is Currently Going Through Some Changes

The other major reason why a household may be looking to hire our Gold Coast to Ballina Removalists firm is that there have been major changes in their family. There are many family-related factors that may cause you to move and they include:

  • Moving out of your parent’s home to establish your own household
  • The need for moving in with an aging or sick relative to look after them
  • When you want to be close to family in Ballina
  • When you’re considering having kids and require more space
  • When you get a job in the new location and need to move your family closer to the workplace


Seeking a Better Location

While Ballina is known to rain a lot, it is an incredibly beautiful town where mountains meet the ocean, pristine beaches along with all the modern amenities you would expect for comfy living. Many people are looking to improve their living conditions when they move from the Gold Coast to Ballina. It is easier to balance recreation and work when living in this smaller town due to a relaxed lifestyle. Other location-based factors include:

  • They are looking for pleasant weather
  • They want a safer town
  • They want space for more outdoor activities like cycling, surfing, and kayaking



Contact Us Today

Regardless of your reason to move from Gold Coast to Ballina, do not attempt to go through it alone. It is important that you find a respectable removals firm that has the experience and capacity to efficiently manage your relocation. Local Moves are the best Gold Coast to Ballina Removalists who provide comprehensive moving services. Our team of friendly relocation experts will help manage and effectively handle all your unique removal needs with extra care of your belongings. Contact Local Moves today to make your relocation as convenient as possible.


Things To Do In Ballina, NSW

Ballina may be far lesser known than its sister, Byron Bay, just up the coast. However, it is a nice place to visit in its own right. There are quite a few things to do in Ballina and has less traffic and without the need to pay for parking!


  1. Café Chilling At Belle General

A very special little cafe that serves up unique and beautiful food. Heaps of vegan, good food and healthy choices with all your sweet necessities.


  1. Taking Selfies At The Big Prawn

Beware, the Big Prawn is not only big but a massive giant! If you are going through Ballina you just have to go to see it.


Ballina Big Prawn


  1.  The Ballina Pool And Waterslide

Splash around the Ballina Pool with heated 25m pool that has greater wind barriers and is heated to 31 degrees.


  1. The Ballina Thursday Plantation

You can walk around the garden and a tea tree maze. There’s also a shop where you can buy all the oils and balms, etc. and a cafe


  1. Ballina Farmer’s Market

Small popular market but slowly growing in size. Limited fresh produce so you have to get in early.


  1. Walk Around The Beautiful White Sand of Shelley Beach

A Scenic, patrolled beach for recreation. This stunning, patrolled beach features swimming, sunbathing, picnicking & tidal pools to explore.


  1. Visit The Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum

This museum feature a historic raft, extensive models of ships & other related dioramas & artifacts.


  1. Day Tour At Summerland House Farm

A tourist attraction in Wardell Road. A beautiful macadamia and avocado farm set high on the hills of the Alstonville plateau overlooking the Ballina coastline.


  1. Art Appreciation At Northern Rivers Community Gallery

The gallery has an ever-changing selection of art exhibitions throughout the year usually by local artists. There is an attractive cafe serving coffee and lunches on the deck and inside.


  1. Lake Swimming At Killen Falls

Beautiful destination for a wild swim. Can be a little steep walking the unsealed path.


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