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Kempsey is an important rural centre found at the halfway point between Queensland and Sydney, which is a serene stopping point when you are making the trip along the scenic Pacific Highway. Abundant natural beauty and a holistic, relaxed lifestyle sum up this town, which is why most visitors, after spending their holidays in the region, decide to permanently relocate there. Contact our Gold Coast to Kempsey removalists team today to guarantee a successful move.


About Kempsey


As Macleay Valley’s vibrant commercial heart, it is not surprising that there are plenty of things to enjoy in Kempsey. The retail outlets and shopping centres here cover everything you need for a comfortable life. Besides shopping, you can also go outdoors and enjoy a calming drive around the town. The surrounding environment is beautiful with pristine pasture lands and green rolling hills.

Kempsey has some delightful studios and galleries that showcase both aboriginal and modern art. The town also has some of the dynamic and diverse riverside markets. These markets feature fresh products and produce from both Kempsey and the surrounding districts. You can browse the various products on display while mingling with the locals in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Afterward, you can try out the various local restaurants and cafés that use fresh produce produced in the valley.


Benefits of Hiring Us For Your Gold Coast to Kempsey Move


Time savings

Once our Gold Coast to Kempsey removalists staff starts managing your move, we save you a very precious resource, which is time. The extensive experience dealing with multiple clients allows the experts to quickly and safely carry out the move on your behalf. The result is that the relocation takes a lot less time than if you were to do the job yourself.


No stress

Moving a house or an office is a major undertaking. Organising a relocation project while still managing your family and or work, can make the move a lot more stressful. All these commitments require your full focus and can increase the difficulty of the whole process. In contrast, our Gold Coast to Kempsey removalists staff takes care of every aspect of your move so that you can have a stress-free experience.


Professional help

The removal experts at a professional firm have gone through sufficient training to efficiently plan, pack and safely transport your belongings. All fragile items are properly handled using special packaging to make sure that it reaches the destination in the same perfect condition. That ability to keep your belongings safe is through the application of the industry best practices in removal, that include using the best quality packaging materials, loading and unloading equipment, skilled human resources and extensive experience.


Contact Us

Local Moves offers customised Gold Coast to Kempsey removalists services for clients who are looking to make the shift from Queensland to NSW. We welcome you to reach out to us with any questions you may have about local or interstate rates for moving your belongings. Contact us today and we will gladly accommodate your needs, and create your customised moving solution.


10 Things To Do In Kempsey NSW

  1. Museum and Café At The Slim Dusty Centre

A really nice museum especially for country music lovers. Be sure to not miss the “Homewood” blended coffee and treats from the Dusty Dinner Café.


  1. Crescent Head Lookout

Astonishing panoramic view of the ocean perfect for nature lovers. Each photo taken from the lookout is social-media worth-sharing.


  1. Kempsey Riverside Park

Enjoyable fishing activity with plenty of parking spaces for cars, caravan and RVs. Perfect for strolling with the entire family.


  1. Dunghutti-Ngaku Aboriginal Art Gallery

A great place to visit and review up and coming new artists, as well as experience artists’ interpretations of their culture and experiences in a creative style.


  1. Bowling At The Galactic Tenpin

Galactic Ten Pin Bowling is a hidden gem in Kempsey well kept and run. If you want to have some fun with friends, bowling is one of the best ways to do it!


  1. Macleay Valley Coast Visitor Centre

Staff-friendly and very knowledgeable. There is a large number of brochures available to help you plan your visit to this beautiful valley. There is a museum and a gallery on site as well.


  1. Kempsey Central Shopping Centre

There is no need to shop anywhere else in Kempsey as everything you need is here! Being just over the bridge, It’s convenient and a great location.


  1. Kempsey Golf Club

Golf lessons available and they are great. The club is small but has friendly staff. Beautiful area and the wildlife is amazing


  1. Rudder Park Historical Lookout

Really nice views over Kempsey and beyond. Easily accessible too. If you are new in town, it’s worth a look.


  1. Getting A Massage At Absolute Therapies

After a long day of touring Kempsey, a massage to aid those tired muscles is a must! A visit at Absolute Therapies will help you relax and enjoy the rest of the day.


Driving Directions Map: Gold Coast QLD to Kempsey NSW

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